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Backup Cameras

Backup cameras have become a staple in modern cars, both as a safety measure as well as a creature comfort. If you’re looking to add an aftermarket backup camera to your vehicle, we’re here to help.

Backup Camera Options:

  • Camera-only systems
  • All-in-one systems
  • Individual cameras and displays
  • Cameras and mirror displays

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

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General Auto Repairs

Over time, vehicles will need service or break down due to regular wear and tear. Turn to Holabird Tire & Auto Co to get general repair services for your car or truck. Contact us today.

Brake System Repairs

A good brake system is necessary to have a safe vehicle. If it feels like your brakes are slipping or if you have purchased a used car and need new brakes, choose our ASE-certified mechanics to fix it.

Engine Repairs

Check engine light on or your car has ventilation problems? We'll check and fix the engine if there are any problems. Get in touch with us to schedule your engine repair appointment.

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